Why do People Sleep Warmer on Memory Foam Mattresses?

Why do People Sleep Warmer on Memory Foam Mattresses?

December 28, 2017

For all intents and purposes, the memory foam mattress is the ultimate in sleeping comfort when compared to all the other products available on the market today.  They contour to fit your body, they relieve hip and shoulder pressure points, and they are ideal for individuals who suffer with arthritis, back and neck pain, and much more.  Yet there is a common downside to these marvels of mattress technology.  They tend to reflect body heat meaning that people typically sleep warmer on them. This is something that most people prefer.


According to one of the largest independent review sources, about 8% of all individuals that own and sleep on a memory foam mattress claimed that they slept too warm at night.  Furthermore, it was found that heat levels varied based on the brand and type of memory foam mattress.  So why is it that these mattresses make the person warmer as they sleep and other types of mattresses don’t? There are basically 3 reasons for this:


Foam material – compared to other mattress materials, memory foam is much softer so it actually molds itself to you.  Because of this contouring, more of your body contacts the mattress thereby restricting air flow and trapping your body heat.  The softness of memory foam mattresses is the primary contributing factor to sleeping hot.  On the other hand, a firmer mattress enables you to sleep cooler because it allows for ventilation between you and the mattress.


Foam structure – the structure of memory foam mattresses can cause people to sleep warmer.  Foam is used as an insulation material in other industries.  Consequently, it needs to be extremely dense and support air circulation between you and the mattress.  Furthermore, it has to support your body.  As a result, the mattress temperature rises because the foam is traps the heat.  Fortunately, some memory foam mattress like the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices™ is wrapped in anti-microbial fabrics which enable you to sleep cooler.


Your natural body heat – memory foam mattress or not individuals have the tendency to sleep warmer when sleeping with their partner.  However, this is especially true when sleeping on a memory foam mattress.  After all, more body heat is generated by both of you.  With the heat trapping ability of some memory foam mattresses, it could make for a long night of tossing and turning to get comfortable.


However, there are ways to stay cool for those looking for those methods. For more information regarding the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices™ and its cooling anti-microbial fabric we encourage you to visit and explore our website.






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