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Why a Memory Foam Mattress is Good For Your Spine

Why a Memory Foam Mattress is Good For Your Spine

April 3, 2018

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 85% of all Americans have suffered with back pain at some point in their lifetimes.  Back pain can be caused by a number of different factors such as lack of exercise, occupational stress, overexertion, physical health, posture, sleep position, and especially mattress condition.  One of the primary benefits of memory foam mattresses is that they were designed to keep your spine aligned naturally.

Visco-elastic Material – the Key Component

Memory foam mattresses are typically made using visco-elastic materials which offer two very important features and benefits.  The material conforms and contours to your body and relieves its pressure points (hips, knees, and shoulders).  It provides you with the ability to fall asleep easier and wake up pain-free after a good night’s rest.  It also responds to body heat by absorbing it and disseminating it away from you.  The bottom line is that memory foam mattresses are an ideal choice of bed for those suffering with back pain or who want to prevent waking up with it.

Why choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are recognized as the most ergonomically ideal mattress for back pain sufferers.  Based on your personal needs, these mattresses are available in different densities ranging from a softer mattress up to ones that are rated medium firm.  No matter what density you choose, a memory foam mattress will cradle the curves of your body and provide enough support for the bones and muscles in your back.


Your spine is comprised of 3 gentle curves and is categorized, as follows:

  • The top or cervical part of the spine provides support for your head
  • The middle of thoracic part of the spine supports your torso or upper body
  • The bottom or lumbar part of the spine supports the foundation or lower portion of your back


Maintaining the alignment of these 3 curves is paramount if you don’t want to suffer with chronic back pain.  Memory foam is the best option for a mattress because it:

  • provides important lower back support
  • maintains proper spinal alignment
  • prevents chronic back pain


Most of the doctors’ advice people with minor spinal injuries and back pain to opt for new memory foam mattresses. With lower pressure on the back, healing and pain relief is higher. This is also why so many chiropractors and physicians recommend the Snuz Mattress by Sleep ChoicesWith its 7-zone ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy a more restful night’s sleep and wake up pain-free






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