What to Do When You Are Tired During the Day

What to Do When You Are Tired During the Day

October 10, 2017

Tiredness is a feeling just about anybody could understand. Whether the cause of your sleepiness in the day is due to sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or getting less sleep than usual, it can be helpful to learn some tips to stay awake when you need to most!


Tips to Stay Awake When Tired

Move Around
When you get up and move around, you promote blood circulation in the body. More blood circulation means more oxygen flowing through your veins. Even going for a brisk walk a few times during the day can make all the difference by allowing you to feel more alert, according to WebMD.

Change Tasks
It’s easy to hit a slump during the day when you focus on the same task. If you try changing up your activities or work tasks, you should be able to keep your attentiveness on track. Being involved in activities that require you to use different skills can engage you and keep you more alert instead of causing you to slack and lose track of your focus.

Eat A Healthier Diet
You may have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” and it can be true when it comes to feeling tired and energized. Certain foods, like sweets and fried foods, can make you feel good in the moment but then cause you to crash shortly after. Eating a protein-rich diet with fruits and vegetables can help you concentrate and feel more energized throughout the day. It’s best to maintain a healthy diet to keep your blood sugar levels on track so that you don’t have a slump. If you need a snack to boost your energy, try eating a healthy snack, like an apple with peanut butter or carrots.

Keep the Lights On
Instead of doing work with less light, try to keep the lights on. This can help your body to stay more attentive while you are completing tasks and engaging in work. Dimmed lights and darker settings can be a precursor to sleepiness, so be cautious of the lighting you have when you are trying to stay awake during the day!

Get Some Air
There’s nothing quite like some sunshine and fresh air to wake you up! If you feel tired, take a minute or so to get some air outside. Breathing can improve blood circulation, which promotes alertness and ultimately a better performance. Going outside and doing some brief breathing exercises can help you feel more awake than if you were to stay put!


Sleeping on the Snuz Mattress

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