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June 21, 2017

“I need a firm bed for my back.” That is the answer given most often when a

consumer is asked what type of bed they prefer. This misguided approach to bed

buying was pounded into the consumers’ heads by a load of advertising and

marketing heaped on the North American public, particularly over a 30 year period

starting in 1980, by some of the largest sellers in the mattress industry. And during

that time the medical community at large spent very little time on the study of sleep

related to sleep equipment, even many respected doctors were recommending a

firm bed.

Why would this happen? Until about 1980 most beds were made of materials that

were soft and comfortable. Then many of the largest suppliers realized that it was

much cheaper to make a hard bed than a comfortable one. All they needed to do

was convince the public that sleeping on a hard bed was better for them and they

could make more money. By using some of these newfound riches to advertise the

benefits of their firm bed and to convince professionals trusted by the consumers to

recommend firm beds, many of these companies exploded in size. But is a firm bed

really better for you?

Of course “firm” is a relative term and can be defined differently by individual

consumers. But just think rationally. Your spine is curved, so any surface that

forces the spine into an unnatural position cannot logically be good for you. The

effect any unnatural position may have on your spinal health and sleep quality will

be related the general ability of your spine to conform to that position. As a kid I

could go camping, sleeping on the ground, sleep all night and wake up ready to play.

Today not only would I sleep very little, it would take hours if not days to get my

spine back to normal.

Only a bed that allows the spine to be in its normal condition, usually defined by its

shape in the standing position, will provide you with proper back support. This

means a bed that conforms to you, not you to it. Plus, as I spelled out in my earlier

article on the relation of pressure and sleep quality, sleeping on a too firm bed also

causes tossing and turning during the night disrupting the deep sleep we all require.

Look for more information on the relationship of bed to health in future articles.

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