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“AMAZING” – 2019 Review from Sleep Advisor

Zoned pressure relief and cooling technologies should combine to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.       Fans of a Medium feel should see a lot of value in SleepChoices’ universally comfortable mattress that is zoned to provide the right amount of support for people of all sleep preferences.      

Sleep Fresh

Sleep Fresh

February 26, 2019

The best memory foam mattresses on the market today have a unique design in that they are made up of different material layers in order to promote more comfort and better sleep quality.  These are broken down as follows:

  • Top layer – high density, high-quality polyurethane foam
  • 2nd layer – charcoal infused memory foam
  • 3rd layer – high density, high quality foam that serves as the mattress core and support for the top and 2nd layers
  • 4th layer – breathable, high-performance polyester and rayon stretch knit fabric that serves as the mattress cover

While each layer is a critical component, it is the infused charcoal memory foam that makes this bed a popular choice when purchasing a new mattress.


Why Charcoal?

The use of charcoal in memory foam mattresses is an innovative technology that has generated several important benefits including:

  • it absorbs excess moisture/sweat
  • it eliminates odors
  • it regulates temperature
  • it’s an excellent choice for the individual that suffers allergies


When you combine these benefits with the qualities of contouring memory foam, you have a mattress that is ideal for just about every type of sleeper out there. Basically, charcoal-infused memory foam mattresses were designed to provide added comfort and support and enhance your ability to breathe better while sleeping. You’ll appreciate the fact that this charcoal-infused layer of foam will remove moisture and prevent odors from developing over time. This helps the mattresses stay fresh and odorless for a longer period of time, helping retard the growth of microbes and mites.


The Snuz Mattress

The Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices is constructed in similar fashion to the design described above.  It was developed using common sense in addition to the latest mattress technology in use today.  We know that the measure of a great mattress is the quality of comfort and weight support that it provides.  We designed the Snuz Mattress with 7 distinct zones to provide firm support and proper spinal alignment.  At the same time, it relieves the pressure points at the hips and shoulders, the primary source of pain when sleeping.

With multiple comfort zones to support you, you’ll experience less pressure on your hips and shoulders.  This means less turning as you sleep, enjoying a more restorative sleep, and waking up pain-free in the morning.  The layer of charcoal infused memory foam will keep odors from developing by wicking away moisture from your body as you sleep.  You’ll sleep cooler and more comfortably than ever before.  Finally, the anti-microbial cover will protect you from bacteria as you sleep in cool comfort.  For more information about the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices, click here.

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