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Sleep can be a Powerful Tool for Your Memory

Sleep can be a Powerful Tool for Your Memory

February 1, 2019

The results from numerous behavioral research studies clearly show that sleep plays an extremely critical role in learning and memory processes.  Researchers have also found that sleep can affect your learning abilities and your memory in two distinct ways:

  • In order to make a memory stick or consolidate it, sleep plays an important role in your ability to recall it in the future
  • Your ability to concentrate and focus, as well as learn efficiently are greatly impaired by a lack of sleep

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “How to Store Data Along with Memory Lane”, the discussion focuses on Nelson Dellis, one of the world’s leading memory experts.  In his book, “Remember It !: The Names of People You Meet, All of Your Passwords, Where You Left Your Keys, and Everything Else You Tend to Forget”, he talks about how sleep is essential to concentration, learning new information, and remembering it later.


How You Benefit

When you’re trying to learn or memorize something, no matter what it is, nothing will help you accomplish that like a good night’s sleep.  There are several ways in which you benefit from good sleep quality. It enhances your ability to pay attention and focus, it helps improve your thinking process, and it strengthens your problem-solving skills.  There are also several mental and physical health benefits, such as the ones listed above at the beginning of this content.

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Wall Street Journal, January 19, 2019: How to Store Data Along with Memory Lane

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