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Press Reviews

“The first, well-priced true zoned mattress that has earned our most prestigious rating of ‘World Class’”

“The most comfortable side-sleeping mattress I’ve ever owned”

“Snuz ranks 1st in top 5 Mattress Review”

“Sleeps cool, keeps you comfortable, and is very reasonably priced”

“Snuz is designed with pressure relief in mind”

“Special grooves reduce pressure at the shoulders and hips..”

“Ergonomically designed to reduce pressure at 7 key pressure points”

“We enjoy the firmness and lack of heat buildup”

“ideal for all sleeping positions but I found it ideal for me as a side-sleeper”

“Comfort has been prioritized in the manufacture of Snuz bedding”

“The Snuz mattress is designed to stop back pain”

“The Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online”

“I need the best sleep to maximize my memory & sharpness”

“Designed by industry veterans that know a thing or two about making a mattress”

“It allows for ideal pressure relief in every sleeping position”

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