No Matter If You’re Short or Tall, the Snuz 7-Zone Mattress Fits All | SleepChoices™

“AMAZING” – 2019 Review from Sleep Advisor

Zoned pressure relief and cooling technologies should combine to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.       Fans of a Medium feel should see a lot of value in SleepChoices’ universally comfortable mattress that is zoned to provide the right amount of support for people of all sleep preferences.      

No Matter If You’re Short or Tall, the Snuz 7-Zone Mattress Fits All

No Matter If You’re Short or Tall, the Snuz 7-Zone Mattress Fits All

March 8, 2019

The Snuz 7-Zone Mattress by Sleep Choices is an ergonomically, naturally designed bed that provides a deeper, more restorative sleep for all types of individuals.  As a result, we are determined to ensure that you receive a better night’s rest when sleeping on our mattresses. Not only that, but the mattress is ideal for people who sleep on their backs or sides.  The key is the 7-zone construction which enables the bed to conform to the contours of your body.


What Makes this Mattress So Special?


The Snuz 7-Zone Mattress is considered the best mattress that you can purchase online for several reasons:


  • It provides the firmest support possible, especially where you need it
  • It promotes proper spinal alignment
  • The unique 7-zone design helps to eliminate pain while you sleep by relieving pressure at the hips and shoulders
  • By relieving pressure at those key pressure points, you experience less tossing and turning which means you enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep


The thick 3-layer construction of the Snuz 7-Zone Mattress creates a durable yet solid foam bed that affords you a more restorative night’s sleep.  The zippered cover design is made from anti-dust mite properties and cooling materials which you normally won’t find in other beds. Additionally, with a charcoal infused layer, it absorbs all odors, leaving you in a clean, fresh and odorless bed at all times.


Breaking Down the 7-Zone Design

The unique 7-Zone design provides the comfort you want and the support you need.  Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you have to remember that your body is contoured and not flat.  Consequently, you need a mattress that is going to conform to those contours. The 7-Zones are broken down as follows:

  • Zones 1, 3, 5, and 7 – provides the body support, proper spinal alignment, and a solid design that you need. It takes away the pressure from your back, leaving the muscles more relaxed and better aligned.
  • Zones 2, 4, and 6 – grooved design provides pressure relief at the hips and shoulders, the body’s key pressure points when sleeping. This balances the body weight, allowing for more restful sleep.


When you relieve the pressure at those points, you toss and turn less while you sleep. The result is a deeper, more restorative sleep and the elimination of pain.  Furthermore, the infused charcoal layer helps to wick away moisture, thereby reducing the build-up of odors. Finally, the mattress is covered with an anti-microbial, cooling cover that enables you to sleep cooler while protecting you from bacteria at the same time.

For more information about the Snuz 7-Zone Mattress by Sleep Choices, we invite you to visit our Snuz Mattress at your earliest convenience.


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