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What Makes Snuz So Special?

It’s designed with a 7-zone Ergonomic Comfort System to reduce pressure at the shoulders, hips and leg areas, while providing support where needed. This helps reduce turning at night and your body receives the restorative sleep it needs for your overall well-being.

Zones 2, 4, 6

  • Grooved Design
  • Provide Pressure Relief

Zones 1, 3, 5, 7

  • Solid Design
  • Provide Body Support

Scientifically Designed Layers for Comfort, Support and Pressure Relief

1 2 3 4

Hover over the numbers to learn more about each layer.

1- Zipper Cover is custom engineered with cooling and anti dust mite properties.
2 - High Density 7-zone polymer layer reduces pressure at shoulder and hip areas reducing turning at night. The unique grooves provide added ventilation and cooling.
3- Charcoal infused memory foam designed to prevent odor by absorbing moisture while providing maximum comfort.
4 - This is the most important support layer - constructed with high-density foam for stability and support to maintain a comfortable night sleep.

 7-Zone Ergonomic Comfort System

Our 7-zone polymer layer insulates the sleeper from the memory foam layer which eliminates the sinking feeling caused by body heat and provides a dynamic support system.

Pressure Point Mapping

Since the body is contoured, certain parts will feel more pressure than others.
See computer pressure mapping diagram below.

(Red = highest pressure at shoulder followed by hip area)

Snuz Addresses Common Memory Foam Mattress Complaints:

Heat Buildup

Cooling Fabric is woven into our cover and zone grooves provide ventilation to ensure you stay cool all night long.


Our 7-zone polymer layer eliminates the sinking feeling caused by body heat and provides a dynamic support system.


Charcoal infused memory foam wicks away moisture and odor.

Pressure Points

Our specially designed shoulder and hip zones reduce pressure and turning at night resulting in a more restorative sleep.

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