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Mattress Technology

What Makes Snuz So Special?

The Snuz Mattress has been built based on basic mattress common sense and the latest science and technology.  Mattresses all need two key elements to be considered a “great” mattress; Weight Support and Comfort. The Snuz Mattress is softer at your shoulders (next to the pillow) and hips (situated in the center of the bed). Other areas are firm where you need more support, allowing for proper spinal alignment and better sleep.

Solid Zones are created for Support

  • 1:  Pillow Zone – Support of your head/neck
  • 3:  Upper Body Zone – Support your Back/Spine
  • 5:  Knee Zone – Support you knee to keep your legs aligned with your body
  • 7:  Alternate Pillow Zone*

Grooved Zones for Pressure Relief

  • 2:  Shoulder Zone – Softer feel to alleviate pressure on the shoulder areas
  • 4:  Hip Zone – Less pressure on the hip/butt
  • 6:  Alternative Shoulder Zone*

*Alternate Zones are leveraged when mattress is rotated to still provide appropriate shoulder and hip comfort zones as well as pillow, upper body, and knee support zones.  It is recommended you rotate your mattress every 6-12 months.

Scientifically Designed Layers for Comfort, Support and Pressure/Pain Relief

The Snuz is designed with you in mind.  Giving you layers of quality materials to help you sleep better and allow the mattress to last longer.  Our Snuz Mattress consists of:

  • Quality Knitted Cover – Allows superior ventilation to keep you cool while you sleep
  • Polyester Foam – Reduces motion transfer and grooved for support/give where needed
  • Graphite Infused Foam – Removes moisture and any odors over time
  • Memory Foam – Isolated away from you so you don’t get hot while you sleep
  • High Density Foam – Support layer to hold your body weight with less “give” than other layers

Our Zoned Mattress is designed for people experiencing pain from sleeping!

Back Sleepers

The Snuz Mattress was designed to help back sleepers get the support they need.  Our 7-Zone design will give you the right amount of comfort while keeping your lower back supported.  Allowing for your body to contour as it should and keep you comfortable.


Side Sleepers

In order for a Side Sleeper to be comfortable, your spine MUST be aligned!  Our Snuz Mattress is specifically designed to mold to your body.  This allows your shoulders and your hips to get the appropriate comfort while keeping the rest of your body supported.

Pressure Point Mapping

Since the body is contoured, certain parts will feel more pressure than others.
See computer pressure mapping diagram below.

(Red = highest pressure at shoulder followed by hip area)

Snuz Addresses Common Memory Foam Mattress Complaints:

Heat Buildup

Cooling Fabric is woven into our cover and zone grooves provide ventilation to ensure you stay cool all night long.


Our 7-zone polymer layer eliminates the sinking feeling caused by body heat and provides a dynamic support system.


Charcoal infused memory foam wicks away moisture and odor.

Pressure Points

Our specially designed shoulder and hip zones reduce pressure and turning at night resulting in a more restorative sleep.

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