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How Does Sleep Impact Relationships?

How Does Sleep Impact Relationships?

March 27, 2018

Not getting a good night’s sleep has numerous consequences, many of which can have a negative impact on our relationships.  A lack of sleep can render us overly emotional, make us irritable, and make any day almost unbearable.  A recent research revealed that a lack of sleep can eventually lead to a breakdown in your relationship with your significant other.  So, instead of making an appointment with a psychologist, try getting a good night’s sleep first. This helps you recoup from the stress and tiredness and provides you with better clarity when you wake up.


Significant Findings

One of the more significant findings of the study was that couples who were getting less than 7 hours of sleep tended to be more hostile with one another when interacting.  However, if one of the partners got more sleep than the other, most arguments were not as hostile and ended with constructive or positive results.  So, if you and your partner are going through stressful times, you might want to look at how well the two of you have been sleeping. And if sleep deprivation is affecting your relationship, it is time to set a better schedule for sleep.


Lowered Sexual Drive

A single night of sleep deprivation can negatively impact a couple’s chances of being intimate.  This has the tendency to make you less attractive to your partner.  Statistics have shown how not getting a good night’s sleep increases how tired you look by 20% or more.  In turn, this decreases how attractive you look by 4% and how healthy you appear by 6%.  Furthermore, not sleeping stresses you out and greatly reduce your desire to be intimate with your partner.


Lack of Energy

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you feel tired throughout the ensuing day.  Plus, it causes a huge drain on your energy level.  In fact, 20% or more of all Americans who experience feeling tired during the day report feeling a lack of energy when they haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before.  We tend to be more emotional as well, and not in a positive manner.  Roughly 2/3 of have difficulties making smart decisions, regulating our emotions, and remaining calm in stressful situations.


You May Need to Replace Your Mattress

With the overall divorce rate in the US teetering at 50%, you have to wonder how much the lack of proper sleep contributes to that statistic.  One way to overcome suffering with sleep deprivation is by sleeping on the Snuz 7-Zone memory foam mattress by Sleep Choices.  You’ll enjoy a more restorative sleep and you just might save your marriage or relationships in the process.



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