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How Do I Compare Mattresses Manufactured By Different Companies

How Do I Compare Mattresses Manufactured By Different Companies

October 26, 2018

When it comes to getting a quality product, you want to be able to comparison shop. Unfortunately, when you are mattress shopping at a conventional showroom or retail store, this is difficult to do.


Comparison Shopping is Difficult with Showroom Mattresses

When shopping, you will quickly notice that a mattress at one store will not have the same model name at another. In the world of showroom mattresses, when brands are sold through major retail chains, the model names are exclusive to that store. The model may be sold at another store but under an entirely different name. This makes comparison shopping in a typical showroom setting virtually impossible.

To add to the confusion, mattress manufacturers do not offer any type of directory for comparable models of their mattresses. This leaves the typical consumer going from store to store trying to piece together information to use to compare mattresses.


The Benefits of Purchasing Online

Fortunately, manufacturers that market and sell their mattresses online offer easier ways to compare their mattresses. But even then, a consumer has to know what they are looking for in order to cut to the important information. As online retailers are typically selling memory foam mattresses, it is important to know the important ways to compare them.

You will want to know what each mattress is made of and how its components work together to produce the optimum product. You will want to know your own preference for firmness and how each mattress can afford that. And you will want to consider what type of sleeper you are. Do you sleep on your back? On your side? How will each mattress accommodate your pressure points?


Memory Foam Mattresses Can Vary

Memory foam is not just one type of foam. Actually, there are several types of foam mattresses to choose from. It is important to research these and know what attributes each has. Memory foam technology is changing every day and old technologies tended to cause overheating for the sleeper. Make sure you are looking at quality mattresses that offer heat distribution.


Foam Density

Foam density is another way to compare memory foam mattresses. Foam density will be measured in mass per unit volume and some foams are denser than others.

Coming in high-density, medium-density, and low density, these have different benefits. High-density foam offers support and is the most durable and will last longest. A medium-density foam will often have the best motion isolation of the three. A low-density foam will offer areas of comfort while accommodating zones like hips and shoulders. Layers of each type can offer the consumer the benefits of each in one mattress product.


Indentation Load Deflection

A memory foam mattress will have what is known as an indentation load deflection. ILD, for short, indicates how hard or soft the foam will be. Most memory foam mattresses fall between 10 and 16 ILD. Theoretically, the higher the ILD, the better the quality of the mattress.


Memory Foam and How it Reacts to Pressure

The best memory foam mattresses will have several layers, each of these having its own mmHG. This is the unit of measurement that will show the reaction of the mattress against pressure. A standard of 32 mmHG is generally considered to be most pressure relieving.


Where Was it Manufactured?

Another way of comparing memory foam mattresses is to know where it was manufactured. When memory foam products are manufactured outside the United States, there is little way of knowing what ingredients, chemicals, or industrial perfumes it contains.  You will want to make sure your mattress is manufactured in the United States.

At Snuz, we have done the comparison work for you. Our durable memory foam mattresses have multiple quality layers that take care of each aspect of comfort and support while dispersing heat. With four layers of foam, we have taken the best attributes of memory foam technology and brought them together. We are manufactured in the US so you can have peace of mind about the quality of our mattress components.





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