Easing Arthritis and Joint Pain with a Memory Foam Mattress

Easing Arthritis and Joint Pain with a Memory Foam Mattress

December 15, 2017

For many arthritis sufferers and individuals who suffer with hip, neck, and shoulder pain, the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices has provided significant relief.  Ironically, most people don’t understand why a specific type of mattress can provide such relief.  In most cases, when someone is asked to describe the degree of their joint pain, it ranges from minor or slight discomfort to acute or severe.  There are 3 elements of a memory foam mattress that contribute to relieving arthritis and joint pain.


Body contour support – after resting on a spring mattress, even for a short period of time, the heavier parts of your body will start to hurt because of the pressure that is on them while you’re sleeping.  Consequently, these areas of the body will feel sore or even be numb to the touch as a result of that pressure.  Since the Snuz Mattress is a memory foam bed, it reacts to pressure as well as body temperature.  As a result, it reduces the pressure at your hips and shoulders and supports your body’s contours.


Helps improve circulation – one of the primary reasons that hospitals and other medical facilities use memory foam mattresses is due to their ability to improve a person’s circulation and prevent the formation of bed sores.  Improved circulation helps to reduce inflammation and swelling, especially in the joints of individuals who suffer with arthritis.  Furthermore, this is beneficial for individuals who are recovering from surgery or for a person who’s suffered a sports injury.


Provide additional support – the additional lumber support provided by the Snuz Mattress helps with spinal alignment.  So it lowers the risk of back pain becoming an issue that a person suffers with on a daily basis.  This also enables your body to feel comfortable and more relaxed.  Therefore, you’ll enjoy a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.  Once again, the 7 zones of this ergonomically comfortable memory foam mattress provide better support for the contours of your body.


There are other features of this mattress that contribute to the reduction of joint pain.  For instance, the reduced pressure points are conducive to less tossing and turning during the night.  This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a more restorative night’s sleep.  Thanks to charcoal infusion in the layer of memory foam, the mattress helps to wick away body heat and moisture.  With plenty of benefits to enjoy by using memory foam mattresses, you can be assured of pain free rest and better sleep. For more information regarding the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices, we encourage you to research our website.






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