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Do You Suffer from Insomnia and Strive to Sleep?

Do You Suffer from Insomnia and Strive to Sleep?

August 1, 2017

Have you ever tossed and turned in your bed all night long, only to soon realize that it’s morning and you feel like you barely slept at all? Insomnia is a frustrating sleep disorder where you just can’t seem to get any shut eye. When you don’t get enough sleep at night on a regular basis, it not only affects your day but your quality of life too. Sleep is necessary for the body, which needs to take a rest so that restoration can occur. Although causes for insomnia could involve stress, depression, poor diet, medications, and such, an unsuspecting reason for not being able to sleep could very well be the mattress you’re laying on. With a high quality, comfortable, and supporting bed like the Snuz mattress, you just may set yourself up to fall right asleep!

Benefits of Snuz Mattresses

Snuz mattresses are a groundbreaking manufactured product for helping people to get the rest they crave. The characteristics that make a Snuz mattress so unique include its high level of quality, 7-Zone comfort components, and resilient memory foam technology. These factors all come together, in addition to more benefits of a Snuz mattress, to create a comfortable, well-structured product that promotes sleep.


Every Snuz mattress is designed with the highest level of care and precision. The Snuz mattress was created to help people sleep softly and soundly with designated support. Each detail in the Snuz mattress has its purpose and adds up to create a phenomenal product.

7-Zone Ergonomic Comfort System

Snuz mattresses are unlike any other leading mattress company because of their revolutionary SNUZcor 7-Zone Polymer Layer Support System. This system helps to alleviate pressure on specific parts of the body that rest on it. Characteristics like this help to provide relief and lure even an insomniac to sleep. This can be particularly true if you have difficulty sleeping due to neck, shoulder, or upper body pain because the 7-zone design specifically targets these reactive areas to relieve the pressure. Ultimately, this can put an end to the constant moving back and forth. This incredible foam layer has the desired quality of returning to its original formation after weight has been pressed against it. In other ways, the Snuz mattress is entirely adaptable to the body and yet resilient when it comes to returning to its original bedding structure. Designed with efficiency, the Snuz mattress can prove beneficial for those seeking relaxation and consistency. There is even ventilation created in this layer of the mattress. The air spaces allow the bed to have breathability, which results in maximum comfort for you.

Comfort Memory Foam Technology

The memory foam layers each provide their own benefits. The Zipper Cover has cooling characteristics which were added with the intention of having the mattress remain at a cool temperature. In the several layers of the mattress, there is a charcoal memory foam that traps moisture and keeps odor away. The 6 inch layer acts as the most crucial coat of the mattress due to the provided effects of strength and support. The foam is so resilient that you could lay into it and feel the foam match your shape.

How Snuz Helps Alleviate Insomnia

The Snuz mattress is able to help curb insomnia because of its sleep-promoting benefits. A good, high quality mattress like the Snuz mattress holds an extremely noticeable difference when compared to older versions of mattresses, which are inflexible and unaccommodating. Today, top quality means that every inch of the product had thought put into it. When this happens, there’s no real chance for issues to arise with the product. With a trouble-free, detailed mattress, you can count on the efficiency in design to be able to provide support, relief, and relaxation as a result. The Snuz mattress has such relaxing properties that quality in sleep is a guarantee. Even for people struggling with the annoyance of insomnia, the Snuz mattress can be so comfortable that it aids in the process of trying to sleep.

Better Sleep Leads to Resolving Insomnia

The reality is that when you finally have a good night’s sleep, you can be well on your way to resolving your inconsistent sleep patterns. The Snuz mattress provides a desirable feel, which allows for anybody sleeping on it to feel more serene. When sleeping on this mattress, you may even stay asleep instead of twisting and turning because pressure points were put in place to keep you in place.

At Snuz, we care about your quantity and quality of sleep, so that’s why we did extensive research to come up with a mattress that can provide all the necessities for promoting sleep. We are confident you will love the new Snuz mattress you choose because of our innovative mattress foam technology and multi-layered effect. Put an end to your insomnia and lay in a Snuz mattress that can help you get the rest you need!

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