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Ditch the sleeping pills! How your mattress could be keeping you awake!

Ditch the sleeping pills! How your mattress could be keeping you awake!

July 25, 2017

Sleep is important and necessary to people everywhere. It can also be difficult for people to fall asleep though, and getting rest is so essential that people are willing to get it at just about any cost. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study where it was revealed that an estimate of 9 million Americans were using sleep medication. Sleeping pills can put you to sleep almost instantly – and keep you out for an extended period of time. The dangers of sleeping pills are apparent but a large portion of society is prepared for a temporary quick fix by the gulp of a pill.

Dangers of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills, sedative hypnotics, pharmaceutical sleep medication, sleep disorder drugs, sedatives, depressants – whichever word you choose to use, these prescription drugs are meant to induce sleep. In theory, this sounds great – who wouldn’t love to fall asleep when you need to in order to get the rest you require? Unfortunately, sleeping medication is far from this simple.

Side Effects

It’s safe to say that almost every drug has side effects. However, if there are alternative natural ways to provide a good quality sleep, then why would anyone want to torture themselves with the negative side effects of sleeping pills? Sleep medication can cause an upset stomach, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, tingling sensations, and impairment.


Psychological and physical dependency to sleep medication can occur. It’s actually highly likely. A psychological dependence to a drug is when it is believed to be necessary and going without it causes anxiety or irritability. Similarly, a physical dependence to a drug is when a tolerance has been built, causing more of the drug to be required in order to produce the same effects, and a lack of the drug causes a withdrawal. Both of these types of dependency can occur with sleeping medication. This is why people who have been taking sleeping pills for a while might not be able to fall asleep as quick and when they do not take the sleep-inducing drugs, they may not be able to sleep at all. It is these dependency issues that can make taking sleeping pills more harmful than helpful.

Daytime Drowsiness

The obvious use for sleeping pills is to put you to sleep quicker, but one of the most inconvenient effects can be daytime sleepiness. When you wake up feeling drowsy, it may not matter whether you slept for the right amount of time or not. Feeling sleepy upon awakening and throughout the day cancels out the purpose of sleep – to provide enough rest for proper functioning.


An even worse consequence of feeling drowsy during the day due to taking sleep medication is that the sensation can make you more prone to accidents. Drowsiness leads to a vast amount of motor vehicle accidents. As far as driving while drowsy, there are people that even take their sleeping medication and end up at the wheel moments later, resulting in potentially fatal car wrecks. The American Journal of Public Health published a study where it was found that individuals who had just begun taking sleep medication had greater chances of getting in an accident when on the road.


As if uncomfortability, dependency, and car accidents weren’t enough, another negative effect of sleeping pills can be sleepwalking. This type of reaction, which is where an individual moves around in a sleep state but is unaware of the experience, can be both embarrassing and dangerous. There’s no guarantee that sleepwalking won’t lead to injury or result in the sleepwalker getting up in front of others in the area.

The Problem Could Be Your Mattress

Before jumping on the bandwagon for sleep medication, the causes of not being able to fall asleep should be addressed. People are so quick to take a pill to solve a problem that they can easily miss what the real issue causing them to get a lack of proper sleep is. The truth of the matter is that the real problem could very well be as simple as the mattress they sleep on.

Alternative to Sleeping Pills

With natural remedies skyrocketing in popularity, it truly is a wonder why more people don’t try a more holistic, organic alternative to pharmaceutical sleep medication when they can’t seem to get sleep. Switching out an uncomfortable, older, spring, or sunken mattress could be the solution to the sleep problem.

The Snuz mattress was created to benefit your health by providing the best quality of sleep possible. A 7 -zone comfort system allows for pressure points on the body to be targeted all across the bed from head to toe and bring you to a relaxed state as a result. The charcoal memory foam provides an additional layer for maximum comfort . Snuz wants more for you than the best mattress – we want to provide you with the best quality of restorative sleep so you can live out your potential. A mattress like no other, Snuz is originally created to benefit you not just for those moments of precious sleep but for the best rest for the many years ahead.

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