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Create Your Best Sleep Sanctuary

Create Your Best Sleep Sanctuary

April 13, 2018

Now that you’ve got your new mattress, it’s time to spice up your bedroom! Here are 5 tips on creating the sleep sanctuary of your dreams!


  1. Opaque window covers—your body needs sleep to help retain information, perform various memory tasks, to grow muscle, synthesize hormones and even repair tissue. The body needs darkness to obtain the maximum effects of sleep and blackout or opaque blinds can be a tremendous help.


  1. Neutral or earth-tone color palette—much research has been conducted to concur that color plays a role is mood. More so, cooler hues are prime for their calming effect. Blues, cool shades of lilac and greys stimulate rest. We love whites and greys and beiges. So put on your interior decorator hat on and have some fun!


  1. Make sure the lighting is just right—Lighting is key. The right type of lighting is more key! Avoid florescent lighting as that can cause a stimulating effect and can be counterintuitive when trying to relax for bedtime. Look for lighting that allows you to adjust the amount of light the fixture emits. Check out bedside adjustable lamps for optimal lighting.


  1. Minimal is more— The more minimal your space is, the less distractions to avoid when getting ready for your snooze. So, put away the clothes on your floor and set aside the decorative pillows before resting your head for a sure-to-be an easy REM. We’re thinking solid color or lightly-printed duvet covers and minimalistic wall art and some fresh-scented candles for Zen vibes.


  1. Circulate the air—Fresh air is something that can often be overlooked. However, the benefits of opening your windows every day and letting fresh air in is something that should not be missed. So, open up your windows and let the crisp Spring air in and take deep breaths.

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