Can Sleeping with Your Dog in Bed Help You Have Better Sleep?

Can Sleeping with Your Dog in Bed Help You Have Better Sleep?

September 29, 2017

While some may be under the impression that dogs can negatively impact your sleep, recent findings have indicated otherwise. This could be great news for dog owners – and their dogs. The study shows incentive for letting your dogs into your bedroom to sleep at night and it’s a better quality of sleep for you!

Effects of Sleeping with Your Dog

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic held a study to determine if people laying in bed with their dogs impacted their sleep. The study called for 40 adults who did not have sleep disorders. Their dogs, which were 6 months or older, were placed in their bedroom with them for one week. The results showed that the people who let their dogs stay in the bedroom ended up having a better quality of sleep than the individuals who had their dogs elsewhere.

Although letting a dog sleep inside the bedroom proved to enhance quality of sleep, the results were not quite the same for those that let their dogs sleep on their bed. In fact, the individuals that had their dogs on their bed had opposite results.

All in all, the good news is that letting your dogs sleep in your bedroom can improve your quality of sleep. However, be cautious about letting your dogs sleep in your bed because you may end up having a worse quality of sleep! If you love your dog, then it can be a nice way to spend more time with them by keeping them in the room and waking up to them being near you. Just be cautious of letting them sleep with you in bed because you want to make sure you have a good quality of sleep to get through the following day.

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May Clinic Study:

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