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Bad Sleep for Even One Night Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

sleep link to alzheimers

Bad Sleep for Even One Night Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

August 8, 2017

The negative effects from a lack of sleep can be relatively apparent, but the long term consequences from missing or having bad sleep for just one night may not be as noticeable or immediate. A recent study from Washington University in Saint Louis was mentioned on Men’s Health, stating how having difficulties with sleeping for even just one night can negatively impact your health.

Sleep Study Links Alzheimer’s to Bad Sleep

The study in Saint Louis explored how a lack of proper rest for even as little as one single night could be linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, a progressive illness that impairs memory and mental responsibilities. In the study, there were 17 individuals who allowed a monitor to track their sleeping in their home. After this, these individuals went over to a sleep study lab to rest in an uncontrolled environment designed for sleep. The study involved half of the group members being able to rest as they typically would while the other half were disturbed with sound effects in order to prevent them from getting into a deep state of sleep. All group members were tested to determine their levels of proteins specific to dementia. All of the group members came back the following month and each member had the opposite type of room.

The conclusion of the study revealed that from just one night of bad sleep, the people had a 10 percent spike in the level of amyloid beta, a protein related to Alzheimer’s Disease. Another protein related to Alzheimer’s Disease known as tau showed no change from one night of sleep. However, when tau was looked at in people who had poor sleep during the beginning of the study when the individuals slept at home, it was revealed that there was an increase in the tau levels. To sum up, there was a link between bad sleep and increased levels of proteins related to Alzheimer’s. Researchers believe that after one night of regular sleep, the levels may return to normal. However, if people have persistent trouble with getting an adequate amount of sleep, then the levels may continue to rise. Either way, the study clearly indicates there is a relationship between Alzheimer’s proteins and a lack of sleep.

Importance of Sleep Quality

Sleep is important not just for providing restoration but also for optimal long term health. If people lose sleep, they are hurting their bodies most and preventing them from having the necessary time to recuperate. It’s too easy to take sleep for granted until little by little, missing out on sleep each night becomes a routine and you aren’t functioning at your maximum capacity. Not to mention, this lack of sleep could add up to increasing your risks of conditions like it was concluded in this study on Alzheimer’s.

Negative Effects of One Night of Bad Sleep

Negative effects of missing just one night of precious sleep can include the obvious effects such as being cranky, feeling tired, getting distracted, and not being able to concentrate. The reality is that nobody likes running off little sleep. The best way to allow yourself to have a refreshed and energized mind is to get some rest! If you find that you have trouble sleeping, then it is wise to look into alternative holistic methods that promote sleep, such as a comfortable bed like the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices™.

Skip the negative effects of even a single night of bad sleep by making sure you get to sleep the moment that you lay down on your bed. The Snuz mattress can help provide maximum comfort as the unique 7 ergonomic support system molds to the shape of your body. You should have no problem closing your eyes and falling into the deep slumber you deserve. Order your Snuz mattress today and experience the comfort for yourself!

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