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Back Pain, Neck Pain and More! 5 Issues That Could Be Resolved By A New, High Quality Mattress

Back Pain, Neck Pain and More! 5 Issues That Could Be Resolved By A New, High Quality Mattress

August 19, 2017

Everybody needs sleep, but some people sleep better than others. The mattress that you sleep on should ease tensions, not cause it. Did you know that the bed you sleep on could be the main cause of back and neck issues, your troublesome insomnia, and a lack of a true good night’s sleep? Getting a new, better quality mattress can help you finally get the best quality of sleep you deserve.

Issues That A Good Mattress May Solve

When it comes down to your bed, a mattress can either be your sanctuary or a precursor for problems. An old mattress or the wrong type of mattress can create tension on parts of your body, leave you sleeping in all kinds of strange positions, and provide you with a poor quality of sleep.

Back Pain Can Be Relieved by the Right Mattress

If you don’t have the right mattress for you or a mattress that fails to provide the necessary support and comfort that your body desires, then uncomfortable positions and the lack of an adequate structure for the surface you sleep on can lead to back pain. Nobody likes waking up in the morning feeling like they need to hold their back in place or do all types of stretches to get relief from their sleep. Back pain can cause people to feel physical discomfort and be frustrated. If the pain is caused or even just exacerbated by your mattress, then consider switching to a more suitable, comfortable mattress. A new mattress doesn’t have to break your bank account, but the amount you do pay can end up being an investment in your health. The Snuz mattress, which has a $200 discount until August 31, provides comfort to particular pressure points and conforms to your body for optimal relief.

Reduced Neck Pain with An Ideal Mattress

Not only can the wrong mattress for you cause back pain, but an improper mattress can also worsen or intensify neck pain. Whether there are unhelpful springs pushing through the mattress or the bed is too stiff for you, an old or poor mattress can hurt your neck as well as leave you feeling more twisted up than a pretzel! The right mattress for you, however, can actually help to correct this type of neck tension. Certain mattresses, like the Snuz mattress, are designed to minimize strain on the body and instead provide maximum comfort. The neck area is a special area that needs just the right amount of cushioning in a mattress. The Snuz mattress is able to conform to parts of your body in both a grooved design and a solid design to provide ideal comfort.

Insomnia May Get Better or Stop Entirely

A high quality mattress can help you get a better sleep at night because it can stop you from moving around and instead bring you to a state of relaxation. Insomnia, a bothersome condition defined by the inability to fall asleep, can cause even worse issues like inattentiveness, distracted driving, and health problems in the long run. What can a good quality mattress like the Snuz mattress do? The Snuz mattress has a 7 Zone Ergonomic Comfort Support System that provides individualized relief on low and high pressure points on the body. When you feel comfortable, it can be easier to reach the desired level of sleep for revitalization.

Restless Tossing and Turning Is Reduced

Poor quality mattresses can cause people to toss and turn all night long. An uncomfortable bed like this can force you to try to move around to find the best and most comfortable spot. However, the right mattress will provide comfort exactly where you need it. With the 7 Zone Ergonomic Comfort Support System on the Snuz mattress, you get pressure points throughout the body relieved. Because of the design and materials of the Snuz mattress, you will be able to stay still, get your sleep, and stay asleep too. When you sleep on a Snuz mattress, you don’t have to worry about turning over side to side so that you can find a sweet spot because the mattress finds it for you!

Quality of Sleep Is Restored

Not only can the wrong mattress prevent you from sleeping, but it can also prevent you from having a good quality of sleep. Even when you are able to fall asleep at night on a poor mattress, proper restoration all comes down to the quality. If you wake up after sleeping for an average of 7 to 9 hours but still feel tired, then maybe you didn’t hit the right stage of sleep or tossed and turned too much. The best kind of mattress will be able to provide enough comfort. Not only this, but a great quality mattress, like the Snuz mattress, can pinpoint areas by conforming to your body. When you rest comfortably and have the most important parts on the body provided with relief from pressure, you should be able to fully rest your body and mind so that you can fall asleep. You will even be able to sleep without continual movement or motion. For example, the Snuz mattress allows for you to stay in place because each area of your body is addressed according to the 7 Zone Ergonomic Comfort Support  System. When your entire body receives the accurate cushioning it desires, sleep can happen more naturally which can leave you waking up feeling more restored.

The Snuz Mattress Is the Answer to All of Your Problems

All in all, a high quality, tactful, well-purposed mattress has the potential to alleviate common troubles while providing maximum comfort and allowing a good night’s sleep. The Snuz mattress offers these benefits as a leading mattress brand in the bedding and mattress industry. With the innovative 7 Zone Ergonomic Comfort Support System, relief is provided to targeted areas on the body. Each part of the body has low and high pressure points that the 7 zone system is able to provide relief and relaxation for. When a mattress can provide such high quality and specific comfort and support, the individual who is resting on it can be given maximum relief. By having relief on the body, it can be easier to fall and stay asleep. Not only this, but the Snuz mattress conforms specifically to your body according to each pressure point, which relieves tension on the body and can even minimize back and neck pain. To begin your healing journey and start getting a proper night’s sleep, order your Snuz mattress today!

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