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Are Women Smarter by Sleeping More?

woman sleeping smarter

Are Women Smarter by Sleeping More?

August 8, 2017

Which gender is smarter? Well, what does science have to say about the matter? While each gender is different in intelligence, there has been a study that showcases the brain activity for both men and women during sleep.

Women Smarter from Sleeping

A study at Munich’s Max Planck Institute was discussed on Marie Claire that explained how a better quality of sleep can help the woman’s brain to function better. What about men? While sleep can provide restoration for ideal functioning for both genders, the study concluded women had more spikes of repetitive brain activity than men had during a dreamless state of sleep. However, men had these sleep spindles while taking a nap.

More Sleep Needed for Women Than Men

Among other sleep studies, it was found that women require more sleep than men – an approximation of 20 minutes longer to be exact. Sleep allows for the brain to physically recover after all of its functioning throughout the day. This is done by the cortex, or area of the brain that is critical for memory and focus, disconnecting from all senses. Similar to a computer, the more functioning that the brain does, the more it needs rest to recuperate. It has been found that women are more prone to multitasking, which can require more brainpower to be used during the day. This shows how women may need more sleep so that the brain can properly repair itself. Professor Jim Horne, who is the director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, states the average extra amount of sleep that is needed for women is an approximate 20 minutes, depending on each individual’s needs. This extra amount of sleep is not just for women, but can also be necessary for men who have had to deal with intricate problems or maintain a strenuous job. Horne claims that these types of situations can involve tough decisions and unique ways of thinking that may require the brain to take more time to properly recover overnight.

Women Can Have Difficulties Sleeping

Despite women reportedly needing more sleep, there can be challenges for women to fall and stay asleep. Unlike men, women have hormonal challenges due to menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. All of these types of hormonal changes for women can affect their ability to fall and stay asleep. Even when pregnant, the fetus can turn or move around, which can cause the woman to wake up or have difficulties getting to sleep to begin with. Another reason women have more trouble sleeping than men is because they typically get moved around more. It was also found that the person who weighs less in the bed gets turned around and disrupted more than the heavier, which is typically the male.

Cognitive Function Enhanced By Sleep

There is no doubt that sleep is a necessity for both genders. Even with women getting smarter from longer sleep, it stills holds true that sleep helps to increase cognitive function in women and men. Different stages of sleep can help to provide restoration and clear memory. During sleep, this is done by the filing and sorting of new information. Without an adequate amount of sleep, both men and women can have a shorter attention span and decreased response time. The ability to accurately assess situations is diminished. All of this considered, sleep is critical for optimal brain functioning.

Whether you are a woman that needs more sleep or man who needs to get a better quality of sleep for proper brain functioning, it can be helpful to look at what is beneficial for the best rest. The Snuz Mattres by Sleep Choices™ is exceptional for helping both men and women get to and stay asleep. With the unique 7 ergonomic comfort support system, the Snuz mattress is able to conform to each individual’s body and keep them in place all throughout the night. If you are ready to start your journey for sleeping better, then get your Snuz mattress delivered today.

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