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A Healthy Lifestyle Starts When You Fall Asleep

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts When You Fall Asleep

August 25, 2017

Oxygen, water, food, shelter, and sleep are the five basic needs for survival. A poor quality of life, if any, can quickly result without one or the other. To thrive, humans require these essentials, including sleep. A lack of sleep can cause improper functioning and it remains true that one cannot live without sleep.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

With emphasis being on eating healthy and exercising, it’s safe to say that there is great focus on taking care of the body. Sleep is a key component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a healthy way of life begins with sleep! Without sleep, it’s difficult to experience life at your fullest potential.

Impact of Sleep On Your Physical and Mental Health

Health is majorly influenced by sleep. The amount and quality of sleep we get proves to alter every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional health. As a matter of fact, there’s a reason people use the familiar saying, “Get some rest – you’ve got a big day tomorrow.”


To some it may be obvious and others it may go unrecognized, but either way, sleep has a dramatic effect on your physical health. Not having the sufficient amount of sleep your body requires can raise your chances of serious health conditions. According to the National Institute of Health, several studies have found obesity, heart disease, and stroke to be correlated with an inadequate amount of sleep.

Not only are these health problems life-threatening, but they cause a major inability for proper functioning while living. Sleep not only contributes to a healthier lifestyle by preventing greater risks for health conditions; it also allows for relief from physical body and immune system issues too. It’s been mentioned that there is a link between a lack of sleep and body aches. So, if you haven’t overexerted yourself recently but have been having trouble sleeping and you feel body pain, then you may find it helpful to rest up and see if the issue is resolved. Sleep can also promote health because the right amount will get rid of fatigue and allow you to physically perform to the best of your abilities for actives, like running, sports games, swimming, etc.


Sleep is one of the best actions you can take to help increase your overall focus and remain attentive throughout the day. The best mental clarity comes when you have a good night’s sleep. It can prepare you for intense mental activities, such as taking a test, driving long distance, business work, or creating a project. In fact, it has been found by researchers at Harvard University that sleep can promote cognitive function by providing restoration and allowing information to be understood in a new way. An additional study proved to have similar results when sleep-deprived college students had poorer grades than students who had slept better. Along with these studies, there have also been findings that reveal our brains do significant recharging and file information stored throughout the day. This shows how sleep truly helps our memory and thought process. Even our time reaction is affected by sleep, so the better that is, the quicker response we have to our environment.


Mood and sleep are closely related to one another. A good quality of sleep does wonders to regulating mood. On the other hand, poor quality of sleep has a connection to mental health issues. According to Sleep Health Foundation, insomniacs have a greater risk of developing depression. However, this can go both ways because most of the time, people suffering from depression and anxiety too have difficulties falling asleep and therefor, do not get enough. A lack of sleep can lead to irritability and crankiness. Though the reason behind it is not entirely clear, getting an adequate amount of rest can help improve a person’s overall mood.

There are all types of ways to be healthy. Targeting all aspects of mental, emotional and physical health involves looking at the essential needs of a human being. Sleep is such an important survival need that commonly gets overlooked, but it should not because the benefits for your health and well being are tremendous.

Are you trying to live a healthy lifestyle but are having difficulties with falling asleep? The problem may be as simple as your mattress. The Snuz mattress was created to help you get the best night’s rest every night of your life! Sleep should be more than an after thought; it should be a way you can take care of yourself and allow yourself to live out your full potential.

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