8 Reasons You Stay Awake When It’s Time for Bed

8 Reasons You Stay Awake When It’s Time for Bed

October 17, 2017

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Have you ever been slagging all day long, only to come alive when it’s for you to finally get some shut eye? Getting a second wind or having more energy when it’s bedtime isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. But what exactly could be causing this sudden feeling of wakefulness when you should be preparing to get some rest?

Reasons for Being Awake At Night

1. Anxiety and Depression

Nothing can keep people up at night more than depression and anxiety. Insomnia can be both a symptom and cause for anxiety and depression, Chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, appetite, and sleep, such as serotonin, can be off balance in some individuals. With a chemical imbalance, these people are inclined to having anxiety and depression that leaves them unable to sleep when the body needs rest.

2. Odd or Late Night Work Shifts

Individuals who work an unusual schedule or late night shifts may be more prone to an offset sleep schedule. Whether just coming home after working a late shift or having rotating shifts throughout the week, it can be tough to fall asleep on a schedule. The body may either be too energized or confused about the change of schedule. For example, a documented study titled the Workplace Health & Safety revealed that police officers who slept for six or less hours a day had twice the risk for poor quality of sleep.This shows that rotating and unusual shifts can lead to less hours of sleep in addition to worse quality of that sleep.

3. Hormonal Problems

Hormones play a huge role in sleep. Low estrogen in women can lead to hot flashes, which is why it can be hard for women going through menopause to get a decent amount and quality of sleep. Not only this but low testosterone and low progesterone can also have a negative impact on sleep, as the two of these hormones can help regulate a normal sleep cycle.

4. Medications

Whether you change a medication or have been taking the same prescription, it can still affect you and impact your sleep. Some medications can increase heart rate or make you more alert, which can leave you feeling energized when your body should be preparing to sleep.

5. Stress

Feeling stressed out is enough to keep you wide awake at night. If you keep thinking of all that needs to get done or current problems at night, then it’s likely that this will consume your mind and prevent you from getting that shut eye you want. Stress can impact your sleep in other ways too. Cortisol is the stress regulating hormone, so too much or too little cortisol can keep you up at night. The right amount of cortisol can act as an inflammatory and minimize pain, but without enough cortisol, this cannot happen. With too much cortisol, adrenaline can be stimulated, which can lead to wakefulness at night.

6. Sleeping In Too Much

Even if you don’t have unusual or odd shifts, you may still have trouble falling asleep if your body has gotten used to sleeping in and your body is confused about your sleep schedule. Going to sleep late and then sleeping in the next morning on certain days can throw off a normal sleep schedule that you may try to maintain during the week. When it comes to going to sleep and waking up, it’s best to try to stick to a routine and get some consistency with the times.

7. Hunger or A Full Stomach

If you go to sleep hungry or eat a large meal before bed, you may notice you have trouble sleeping. The Mayo Clinic suggests not going to sleep too hungry or too stuffed. The uncomfortable feeling of being full can keep you up, especially because your body needs to digest before getting its rest. Hunger pangs can create discomfort too though. This is why it’s important to listen to your body’s needs, which ultimately will help you get the proper rest.

8. Poor Mattress

Having a poor quality mattress may be the cause of being awake at night when you’d rather be sleeping! Spring mattresses can cause discomfort. However, innovative mattresses like the Snuz mattress can help you fall and stay asleep because of the 7 Zone Ergonomic Support System that conforms to your body. A huge help to falling asleep is comfort, which a poor quality mattress may lack.

Optimal Comfort from The Snuz Mattress

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