4 Ways that Sleeping on Your Left Side Benefits You

4 Ways that Sleeping on Your Left Side Benefits You

December 15, 2017

It has long been recognized by medical professionals and sleep experts that the best position to sleep in is on your left side.  It contributes to enhanced organ health and improves circulation and digestion as well.  Eastern medicine has been telling us for decades that we should sleep on the left side of our bodies.  Though there are many other aspects that you can consider, but here is a list of 4 important ways that we benefit from this sleeping position:


  • Enhances digestion – since the pancreas and stomach are situated on the left side of your body, they function better and hang naturally when you sleep in that position. Thanks to gravity, food is able to pass through the stomach much easier and pancreatic enzymes can be released when necessary.  Additionally, eliminating food waste is easier after sleeping on your left side.


  • Helps to prevent snoring – encouraging your partner to sleep on their left side may just enable you to get some sleep at night since this helps to prevent snoring. Sleeping in this position keeps the throat and tongue in a more neutral position.  In turn, this will keep the airway clear of any obstructions so the person can breathe normally and not snore while they are sleeping.


  • Improves heart health – again, taking gravity into consideration, it makes sense to sleep in this position as the heart is situated to the left side of your body. Therefore, this facilitates better blood flow towards the heart and takes part of the load off this organ.  The result is that your body rests easier when sleeping on your left side and the heart doesn’t have to work as hard.


  • Promotes lymphatic drainage – since the left side of our bodies is the lymphatic system’s dominant side, it is only natural to sleep in this position. Furthermore, it filters a number of important elements through the lymph nodes and promotes better drainage of them.  This includes glucose, metabolites, proteins, and other elements.  Since the spleen is part of the lymphatic system and situated on the left side of your body, it benefits when you sleep on that side.


On a closing note, you can improve the quality of sleep you get on your left side when you sleep on a Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices.  The 7-zone ergonomic comfort bed relieves hip and shoulder pressure points while providing excellent support for your body in the process.  For more information regarding this outstanding memory foam mattress, spend a few minutes exploring our website.








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